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South Indian food is respected and cherished around the nation and past it. The remarkable flavors, the tart contort, the sweet implantations and the plenty of vegetables utilized in any formula is a head-turner for most vegans and non-veggie lovers the same. Yet, it is additionally viewed as criminal to bunch all south Indian food under one expansive standard. Tamil Nadu Food is totally different from the food of different areas like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. We bring to you a rundown of Tamil Nadu food dishes and specialities which will leave you hankering for a south Indian spread!

1. Uttapam

Uttapam is a dish basically the same as the dosa and is a speciality of Tamil Nadu food. It is made by crushing the Urad Dal and rice powder together. It is then permitted to mature for a couple of hours and afterward sluggish singed over exceptionally insignificant oil over a skillet. Uttapam is level and firm along the edges very much like dosa yet delicate and uncooked in the center like an Idli. The uttapam is then given somewhat garnish of tomatoes, onions, capsicum and so forth It tastes heavenly with either coconut chutney or Sambar, in any case, I would suggest the coconut chutney. You can likewise attempt it with the fiery tomato and stew chutney which tastes very brilliant.

2. Banana Bonda

I know every one of you have seen and eaten Bondas, yet this bonda has an alternate stuffing however cooked similarly. Rather than adding potato and different veggies to it, it is loaded down with banana which is then singed in oil. Differentiating the standard zesty Bonda, this is sweet because of the banana and is eaten as a nibble with tea. Tamil Nadu food never stops to flabbergast!

3. Rasam

Rasam is my undisputed top choice! Tamarind frames the foundation of this soup-like dish, and added to it are tomatoes, pepper and cumin seed. The rasam is just about a pre-dinner tidbit, which is light and doesn’t top you off a lot before a feast. The rasam is a well known dish that is poured over the rice like an ordinary curry. However it is practically lackluster, it has an eruption of flavor. You can likewise drink it as you would a soup. It is great for an irritated throat as well.

4. Dosa

There are such countless kinds of Dosas. There are a couple of well known sorts of dosa which are accessible all around the country. How about we start with paper dosa. A large portion of the dosas are paper-meager and like the wide range of various Tamil Nadu Food, it is made by a player with the combination of urad dal and rice, spread over a skillet and cooked gently. It is then formed into a slender paper-like layer and served in a cone shape alongside a few chutney and sambar. The wide range of various dosas are made similarly yet relying upon their names the additional fixings are added. Like the egg, dosa has a similar methodology however an egg is broken and poured onto the dosa, spread across and cooked alongside the dosa in some oil/ghee.

5. Murukku

Murukku is one of the most well known bites that got its starting point from Tamil Nadu, and its name implies contorted. Once more, the hitter for the murukku is made by a combination of rice flour and urad dal with some salt, water, cumin seed and so forth It is then rotisserie in oil in different shapes until it turns hard. It is cherished by individuals all over India.

6. Sambar

Sambar is a curry very much like the dal yet what makes it different is the various flavors and vegetables that are utilized to set it up. Sambar is somewhat sharp as a result of the tamarind base that it is ready in, and comprises of different vegetables. A portion of the popular vegetables used to make Sambar are: Drumsticks, Brinjal, Pumpkin, potatoes and radish. One of the principle fixings that give it the taste is the utilization of curry leaves. This Tamil Nadu food backup is presented with practically all the South Indian dishes be it rice, idli, dosa and so on, and it tastes splendid with practically every one of them!

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